DEADLINE September 22nd, 2017

Any applications or payments received Sept 22-Sept 29, 2017 will receive a $75 late fee.

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Participating vendors shall not market, sell or otherwise distribute items of any type that bear the name of "Florida Scallop & Music Festival" without express written consent of the Florida Scallop & Music Festival, Inc. Violation will result in immediate non-refundable expulsion.

Pricing: includes 7% sales tax on the space. All prices shown are based on 12 ft. frontage non-food vendors; food vendors - 16 ft frontage. For each additional foot $26.75.

For each additional foot - $26.75
I need an additional feet @$26.75 per foot
If you prefer NOT to register online, you may download and print the form below, and send the completed form with your payment to the address on the form.

Vendor Application Form

Vendor Regulations

Vendor Indemnification Agreement